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The following email address has been removed from the TigerDirect.com Preferred Customer Group Mailing List:

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P.S.: Before you go, wed like to know why you are unsubscribing. Your answers to this short survey will help us provide our best service to TigerDirect.com customers like you.

Why are you unsubscribing from TigerDirect.com’s Email Promotions? (Check all that apply.)
I receive too many e-mails in general.
I receive too many e-mails from TigerDirect.com.
I am not interested in the content of TigerDirect.com e-mails.
I am unable to view TigerDirect.com e-mails.
I am having difficulty redeeming rebates.
I do not remember subscribing to TigerDirect.com e-mail.
I am not interested in TigerDirect e-mails at this time.
I prefer to shop TigerDirect via catalog or in stores.

How often did you read TigerDirect.com e-mails?

How often has a TigerDirect.com e-mail influenced your purchasing decision?

What could we do to improve our e-mail program? (Check all that apply.)
Send e-mails relating to items that I’ve already purchased from TigerDirect.com.
Reduce the number of weekly e-mails I receive.
Increase the variety of promotions in e-mails.
Provide additional information on all products.

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